Welcome to the Community Project Elevation Inc. team!

Employees of this association are devoted to a collective mission of providing dignity, respect and services to those in need.

And, you are an important part of our future legacy.

At Community Project Elevation Inc, we know that our work is challenging and extremely important. However, with teamwork, a shared vision and mission, strong values, determination, ethics and discipline, we will continue to positively impact the lives of adolescents and families.

We have made some important organizational promises to these adolescents, families and communities we serve. As Agents of Change, we have committed to be pioneering to partner with our community and always offer our clients a sense of self-determination as we constantly strive for unique solutions to everyday challenges.

In order for us to make good on these promises, we must do more than commit them to paper; we must commit them to our heart and stay focused on them no matter what kind of distractions we face on a daily basis.

Best wishes

Emmanuel Akah, CEO